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General information:

The project group ArtBit (Projektgruppe ArtBit) was found in 1986 in Germany. ArtBit as a non-commercial workgroup is interested in theoretical questions in art and communication which are above all concerned with the use and the social effects of new communication medias.

For ArtBit, the theoretical considerations and discussions refer to a comprehensive reseach project with the title "white noise". They end in the draft and the conversion of artistic and aesthetic experiments those e.g. are documented by reports, lectures, symposia and catalogs.

The project group ArtBit is engaged interdisciplinary (artists, information scientists, nature, social and humanist scientists) and virtually organized. That means that the staff composition and the infrastructure depending on the projects changes in each case.

The central activity of the project group is the preparation, practical carrying out and evaluation of exhibition projects (e.g. "Alien ­ Worlds"; "Without interpretation"; "ArtBit ­ computer in the ­ art ­ in the computer"; Digi­Target"- "Digi­Net). Here, different artists, scientists as well as art­ and science institutions are combined and its activities are moderated by ArtBit.


Projektgruppe ArtBit Dr. Udo Thiedeke; Stefanienstr. 2; D-68723 Plankstadt; Fon. ++49 (0)6202-261150;  e-mail  info<at>