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"ArtBit computer in ART in computer"

This title of the exhibition performed in 1989 in co-operation with the "Schwetzingen art association", is program. ArtBit the exhibition, was one of the first exhibition projects in Germany, that reacted to the modifications of society and environment induced by computers.

Therefore the project group ArtBit raised the question: how does artists react at modifications of social communication induced by computers. In this case the attention was on modifications, that the new picture giving procedures, such like computergrafics and computeranimation, introduce in the construction of our meaningful environment.

It appeared, that here on the one hand a artist type lost since the Renaissance occurred again, the "artist-scientist" and, that on the other hand, the scientists working with computer-assisted visualization noticed themself an aesthetic problem. In a word: Their results were too beautiful in order to be objective - possibly it was art what they produced here.

It seemed to be obvious to show scientific computer visualization in addition to artistic works in the context of the exhibition. Due to their special aesthetics and their ways in constructing reality, both work forms were set in relation to each other.

Participating artists (alphabetical): Horst H. Baumann, Otto Dressler, Brian Evans, Beat Forster, Yvonne Goulbier, Jürgen Lit Fischer, Robert Huxel, Franz John, Patricia Jünger, Monique Nahas & Herve Huitric, Vera Mollnar, Lucio Saffaro, Ronald Steckel, Udo Thiedeke.


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work of Ursula Pawlakwork of Ursula Pawlak
work of Lucio Saffarowork of Lucio Saffaro
work of Lucio Saffarowork of Lucio Saffaro
work of Yvonne Goulbierwork of Yvonne Goulbier
order and chaosfractal order breaks through chaos