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Digi-Net - Digi-Target

The art and exhibition project was realized 1992-93 in cooperation with the cultur centre "Alte Feuerwache" (Old Firestation) and the "Freie Kunstschule Rhein-Neckar" (Free Art School Rhine-Neckar) in Mannheim (Germany).

ArtBit pursued the goal to portray and bundle the feelings and perceptions of artists from the area "Rhein-Neckar" about the townscape "Mannheim" in a digital form.

Therefore in cooperation with the "Freie Kunst Schule Rhein-Neckar" excursions with the Videocamera and the DAT-recorder in the "inside- and outside-worlds" of Mannheim were undertaken.

The material was in part digitalized, post-edited through computers and finally condensed in a digital target - the "Digi-Target" presented as a video of all impressions.

However, not only people but also the computers themselves wove at this digital net over Mannheim. With a neuronal net for picture recognition they considered the video pictures with their cold eyes and nobody will know what they felt in this moment.

The Digi-Net was a primitive preliminary stage of the Cyborg that increases today with the Internet.

Participating artists: Martin Becker, Daniela Cohrs, Mareike Heinz, Stephanie Mahl, Udo Thiedeke, Bernhard Vörg, Giesela Witt-Piper

To project and exhibition appeared a catalog:” digital network - digital-target ”, Heidelberg, 1993, publisher: Wunderhorn. Subscribing via book-trade or click here.  

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Mareike Heinz "Ohne Titel"Mareike Heinz "Ohne Titel"
Udo Thiedeke "Gute Nachrichten"Udo Thiedeke "Gute Nachrichten"
Martin Becker "Extasy"Martin Becker "Extasy"
Das neuronale Netz siejht "Gute Nachrichten"Das Neuronale Netz sieht "Gute Nachrichten"